Sarah was a life saver for me and my 5 year old German Shepherd!! She had major trouble with human and dog reactivity and I feared even taking her out of the house. After the training (for her and me) I feel much better going in public and having her around strangers.

Sarah was patient with us both as Lady learned the commands and I learned how to give them. She was truly the best thing to happen to me and my dog! I would recommend her to anyone having training/obedience problems with their pup!
Lyndsey A (via Google)
Sarah is amazing and works hard, she treats the dogs as if they are her own…. She gives them all the love an attention you would while she has them, you don’t have to ever worry about that. I still take my girl to her for boarding on occasion. The training my girl Luna has is amazing and I can take her anywhere. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else with my girl.
Victoria C (via Facebook)
Sarah is great! She is so patient and knowledgeable. I used her for puppy training. Both myself and my dog learned new tricks to better our lives. Definitely recommend!
Nicole C (via Google)
We took our troubled pup to Sarah and it made all the difference for us! Our dog was a stray and had issues in public with other dogs. We did the Advanced 6 week training and it really helped with his attitude and confidence when out walking around. Sarah did a great job working with us and made sure we got the results we needed.
Jesse R (via Google)
Sarah is amazing! Last year I adopted a pup who is not a fan of ANYONE outside of mom and dad, but after working with her, he has come out of his shell a bit and has two friends outside of us, and one of those people happens to be Sarah! She was awesome to work with and very patient. I cannot recommend her and her services enough!
— Kelly F (via Google)
My name is Nancy, and I have been living in the area for 40 years. Recently, we got a female boxer puppy who proved to be much more than we expected in every way!

We soon realized we would need some support and helping her become the dog that we know she can be. On a whim, I gave a call and ended up with Sarah as my trainer. Before the four-session training we did at our home, and the week that Sasha spent with her trainer, every day was a struggle with many things that were challenging occurring such as jumping, chewing, biting, not listening, overall distracted behavior, potty issues, and more...

Within the first week, I felt extreme relief from the daily challenges, and it just got better from there. The biggest benefit was such as heel training, and the overall shift in focus from being distracted by everything around her, to being people-focused and a budding awareness that she needs to look to us first for her commands.

I am usually a 'do it yourself' person, but this is something I really needed help and support with, and not only does Sarah help, she is extremely supportive to the dog and the family to which the dog belongs.

This was the best part of her process; she treats the dog and the dog's family as a true friend and puts her heart into all the work she does.

We are so happy that we called, and we will continue to rely on her into the future when anything comes up that is a challenge or when we want to add something to Sasha's repertoire of skills.

As a trainer, Sarah is polite, professional, kind, honest, dependable, positive, supportive, realistic, inspiring, and hard-working.

If you wish you were having a better time with your puppy or dog, you'll be grateful for this service.
— Nancy (Ormond Beach)
Sarah is a true dog whisperer and has techniques that will assist your dog in becoming the well-behaved friend you want to have.

She took my 7+1/2-month-old AussieDoodle 'Hildi' for 2 weeks as I chose the 'away' training, known as Boot Camp (Board and Train). Sarah then spent time with me at the end of the two weeks to reinforce Hildi's training with Sarah right by my side.

Hildi came back a better-behaved, calm dog. She was able to follow the commands and directions with encouragement to the sweet tone of “Good Girl”. We also had Sarah train our 17-month-old male AussieDoodle 'Django', since Hildi was so well-behaved.

Sarah is my trainer for life. She is a phone call or text away for sure. I have two well-behaved dogs that I am proud to say were trained by Star Quality Dog Training.

Of course, I went and got another AussieDoodle, who Sarah agreed to train also. Can’t wait to see what 'Poncho' learns!!!
— Theresa M (via Facebook)

I met Sarah the first time, while working at Hobby Lobby, and noticed she was training a young dog. Then several more times over a few months, each time with a different dog/puppy.

I asked her about her business because I was very impressed how well every one of her “clients” were so well behaved. I asked if she thought she could help me with my Boxer puppy since he’s been a handful to say the least. She assured me that she could. We’ve had 3 hour long classes so far and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! Cash has become so much more well behaved and calm.

Sarah has so much knowledge and tremendous patience that she makes classes easy and enjoyable!! I recommend anyone having difficulty with their dog to give her a call!! You’ll be happy you did!!

— Sonja H (via Facebook)

Just finished up our training sessions with Sarah from Star Quality Dog Training.

Daisy was reactive to other dogs, pulled on leash and would jump on folks who loved on her. Not anymore - thanks to Sarah’s guidance!

Sarah gave me the confidence and tools I needed to overcome our issues, in a judgement free and patient manner. 10 out of 10 - Highly Recommend!!!

— Jennifer A (via Facebook)

Sarah came in and changed mine and my dog “Brutus” relationship in no time! It was amazing after one visit his demeanor changed. By the end of our time she had trained both of us!

We don’t realize how often we as owners do something wrong. Now I have a dog who sits, stays, lays down and heels. Brutus is a 3 year old with so much energy I didn’t know what to do anymore, I was pulling my hair out daily. Now working with Sarah I’ve learned how to use that energy for positive!

Brutus loves to do what I ask and at the same time I’m burning his energy and now he obeys! Sarah is a wonder and anyone with puppy issues or just wants to get ahead before it’s to late I will recommend 10/10!! Thank you Sarah!

— James F (via Google)

Lilly is a 9 month old miniature poodle and has come a long way since training with Sarah.
We highly recommend her!

— Karen D (via Facebook)

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