Complete Obedience Training
near Ormond Beach, FL

Star Quality Dog Training understands the principles of learning theory. We focus on reinforcing desirable behaviors and removing the reinforcement of undesirable behaviors.

Meet Sarah

I was born and raised in Ormond Beach and have always been a huge animal lover! When I was just seven years old, I trained my first dog, a cute little miniature poodle named “Abu”. As a certified animal control officer, I initially set out to pursue a career in animal control. However, upon landing this job, I quickly realized that my true passion was helping people improve their relationship with their canine companions.

I take great pride in seeing the transformative effects of my work, as clients and their dogs achieve life-changing results. It's truly incredible to see the changes that take place and to know that I played a part in making those things happen. Plus, I mean, let's be real, I just love getting to hang out with dogs all day!


Client Results

Special Offers

We offer 15% off for military personnel / veterans as well as a 10% multi-dog discount.